Fishing Rules

We hope you enjoy fishing our 2 lakes and would ask you to comply with the following rules please…

  1. Fishing is only available to residential guests
  2. Fishing must be paid before you start to fish
  3. You must land all fish with your landing net
  4. One landing net per person fishing
  5. Do not share landing nets
  6. No keepnets
  7. Barb-less hooks only
  8. No radios, litter or fires
  9. No swimming or wading
  10. Ground bait in moderation
  11. Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult
  12. Use the toilet provided NOT the bushes
  13. Maximum two rods per person
  14. Do not leave rods unattended around the lake
  15. Fishing is allowed between dawn and dusk
  16. Do not leave fishing equipment out on a peg when you leave site and over night